We are sisters & 3rd generation crafters who combine humor and heart to make one-of-a-kind pieces for you and your loved ones. Our Nana was a fabric artist who experimented with afghans, plastic canvas, and cross-stitch. She had 5 sisters and they were always creating unique items. They shared patterns, encouraged each other, and loved exploring new mediums . Our father is a woodworker who began making Christmas Crafts for our family members. If you came to our house for Thanksgiving Dinner, you were going home with a new Christmas decoration whether you wanted it or not. This tradition is still going strong today and some family members now have a collection of over 25 hand-crafted items by Jerry. He would ask us to paint the fine details and never let us veer off the pattern he chose. He once told us that when we made our own stuff, we could create whatever design we wanted. So, we took his advice and flipped the script! Now he cuts and sands each wooden stud and ornament and has no design input. lol

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We celebrate creativity and believe everyone should feel confident in their own skin, unafraid to show up as they are - quirks and all.  By combining the passions of those before us and our own, we create one-of-a-kind items that help you celebrate what makes you, YOU with high-quality, handmade pieces.  Please join us on this journey of celebrating ourselves, our passions, and our creativity.  We are so happy you’re here!

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