You're Simply the Breast

This is our Mom, MaryKay. And, before you ask, yes, she prefers to be referred to as Stacey’s Mom because she’s got it going on. We’ve lost count of the men who ditched Stace to try and go out with MK. lol

MaryKay is our biggest supporter, has no desire to craft, and will proudly wear anything and everything we make. This year, MK found a lump on her breast, went to her Dr., and discovered she had Breast Cancer. Under the care of an amazing team of female doctors, she was treated with a mastectomy and radiation. The amount of love, encouragement, and support shown to our mom during this time was humbling, and today we celebrate that she is cancer free. 

We know we are lucky that our Mom’s cancer was curable and treatable. She detected it early and had access to great medical care. We also know how important early detection is for all of us and recognize the privilege of living in an area with access to services that can detect cancer early.

That is why this month, we will donate 10% of our sales (both online and at markets) to Bonnie’s Bus. Bonnie’s Bus is a mobile mammography unit that provides breast cancer screening throughout West Virginia, especially in rural parts of the state with limited or no access to screening mammography.


We learned about Bonnie's Bus from one of our customers. She and her team work to provide screenings in a comfortable and convenient environment. Since 2009, Bonnie’s Bus has:

💗Provided more than 25,000 screening mammograms

💗Detected more than 125 cases of breast cancer

💗Traveled more than 199,000 miles

💗Completed more than 1,500 screening days

💗Funded at least 1,800 mammograms through grant funding and donations

Did you or someone you know have a similar experience? Celebrate yourself or your loved one's journey with an item from our Simply the Breast Collection.  

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