Best Bud Turned Budding Artist

Best Bud Turned Budding Artist

Since starting Witty Voyager, we have had the pleasure of meeting SO many talented artists.  They use a variety of mediums, create unique pieces, and have become great friends.  This year, we wanted to showcase their talent with all of you.  And, if we’re being honest, have an excuse to hang out with them more. Lol 

We are so excited to announce our first artist collaboration of 2023, our friend and acrylic painter, Stephanie Shomsky.  For this collab, Stephanie created a hibiscus flower which will be available for purchase on studs or as a combo.  

Stephanie is a relatively new budding artist living in Weirton, WV, with her husband of 15 years. 

Two years ago, her family went through the very difficult loss of her sister. About six months later, she started attending paint-and-sip events with a very dear friend and discovered that painting brought her a lot of peace and joy. 

Shortly after, she bought at-home paint supplies and began painting with acrylic on canvas as part of her grief and healing therapy. Painting became her form of meditation, and she had no idea how much it would transform her and her well-being. 

She has since painted numerous pieces and gifts for family and friends. This past Christmas (with tips from Witty Voyager 😉), she hand-painted and resined wood slice ornaments as gifts. And more recently, she started experimenting with watercolors.

For this collaboration, she chose to paint this hibiscus flower for her sister’s birthday last year. She and her sister used to send Snapchat selfies to each other constantly, and their favorite filter was the one with the hibiscus flower and palm tree branches. This painting reminds her of warm and happy memories that they shared.

You can purchase Stephanie’s painting on a pair of studs or as a combo with leather, HERE.  Ten percent of the proceeds of Steph’s AMAZING piece will be donated to Ohio Valley Counseling, which offers several types of counseling services based on individual needs.

Are you an artist interested in getting one of your favorite pieces on a pair of earrings? Click here to fill out our short form to be next!

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