2022 Ornaments are Here!

2022 Ornaments are Here!

Growing up, our parents hosted Thanksgiving dinner, and to kick off the Holiday Festivities, our dad would make each family that attended a Christmas craft out of wood.  After 20+ years, our Aunt Cathy was like, “I’m running out of wall and countertop space for all these crafts; how about making ornaments?” Fun fact about Jerry, he only likes his ideas, so this suggestion went in one ear and out the other.  

But, here at Witty Voyager, we love a great idea and a unique gift for the special people in our lives.  Usually, we take the big events that happened in the year and commemorate them with a handpainted ornament (thanks for the idea Aunt Cathy!).  This year, we used all of you as our inspiration!  You are lovers of handmade goods, you are creatives, you care for animals and plants, you are unique and inspiring, and most importantly, you have become our friends. And because you are so awesome, we wanted to create ornaments representing you or someone you love. 

Good-natured: Where are our earth lovers? This one is for you!  You love being outdoors and experiencing all the good that nature provides.  Whether hiking, bird watching, or just curling up outside and reading a good book, you know there is no better medicine than a dose of Vitamin D.  ☀️📚

Best Friends: This one is a reboot from last year.  Last year, we made this ornament, but it said, A road to a sister’s house is never long.  Quite a few of you said, “I love this, but I don’t have a sister.” Unlike Jerry, we take a great idea and run with it.  Spending time with good friends is food for the soul.  Tell us something better than laughing all night and talking shit with your best pal?  This one is for you… because no matter the distance, the trip to see your best friend is never too long. 🛣️💞

Crafter’s Oasis: This one might be our favorite.  In March, we lost our Nana at the wise age of 96.  She was our number one supporter, and although we consider ourselves lucky to have had her for so long, the loss still stings.  We always referred to her house as a crafter’s oasis. Whether you wanted to draw, crochet, sew, cross stitch, or paint. She had all the supplies.   More than that, she wanted us to feel happy, loved, and accepted.  We hope this ornament inspires you to give your creativity to the world and that you feel safe, loved, and accepted wherever you do it. 🎨🌈

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